How to Blow Dry Your Straight & Curly Hair Fast – Step By Step Guide

If you, like me, love a salon blow-dry look on your hair, you’ve probably realized by now that going to a salon every other day can be quite expensive. While all blow drying consists of is pointing a hairdryer at your hair, it can be quite a chore for someone who doesn’t know where to point. Many mistakes were made in the process of me wanting to achieve the perfect blow-dry look. So, if you want to self-style and yet avoid the pitfalls of a blow dry gone wrong, here is a simple and detailed guide on how to blow dry your hair perfectly.

Blow Drying F.A.Q.s

How to blow dry your hair as a beginner?

It can be highly daunting to achieve a perfect blowout on your own. As a novice to hairstyling, you may struggle a bit and wonder how to blow dry your hair perfectly. However, I promise that you can do it even at home. All you need is the right set of tools and a can-do attitude. I have outlined the perfect steps to help you in the process.

How to blow dry your hair professionally?

Professionally blow-dried hair that frames your face the right way is a beautiful thing. You feel much more confident and ready when your hairstyle compliments you perfectly. For a flawless and professional hairstyle, you need a hairdryer that is efficient and adjustable. A handful of hair products, hair clips that can section and hold hair, and hair-savvy blow drying techniques can take your look up several notches and never leave you wondering how to blow dry your hair again.

How to blow dry your hair without making it frizzy?

No matter what your hair type is, it is always prone to frizz and fly-away, which can leave you worried about how to blow dry your hair. However, I have a few tricks that can protect your hair from frizz, no matter what the weather or occasion. Dry your hair well with the towel and prepare your hair before blow-drying by applying some heat protectant. Start working on your hair from the hairline, and make sure that the nozzle of your hairdryer points downwards. Use a gentle brush that you can pull your hair tightly with, and slowly work towards the end of your hair to get the sleekest of finishes.

A Step By Step Guide on How to Blow Dry Your Hair

Straight Hair

  • Tools Needed
  1. A hairdryer:
    Look for one that has adjustable settings for air and temperature. If you want to know how to blow dry your hair with the right tool, hairstylists recommend that you use a hairdryer with 1800 watts of energy.
  2. Hair dryer nozzle:
    This hairstyling accessory will give you sleek and polished results while protecting your hair from heat.
  3. A round brush:
    One of the most important, yet overlooked, products that can give you a perfect blow dry is a round brush. Whether you’re looking for straight, wavy or curly hair, a round brush will help you achieve it in no time. If you want to know how to blow dry your hair with quicker results, try using a larger brush that can cover more sections of hair at a time. For a faster blow dry, use a brush with a vent to cut down on the drying time.
  4. Hair clips:
    For perfect sectioning of your hair, this tool is exceptionally handy. It also prevents the overheating of hair and prevents burns.
  • Products Needed
  1. Hair cream: A hair cream is good for lightweight hold and takes away frizz. It also adds more shine and moisture to your hair.
  2. Hair mousse: A good quality hair mousse adds volume and holds to the hair. Run the mousse through damp hair for best results.
  3. Hairspray: To lock your blowout in place, use a hair spray. It also removes any hair that sticks out form your hairdo.

Step 1: Prepping and Sectioning

  1. Rough-dry your hair until it is 80% wet: Use a towel to remove the excess water from your hair but do not rub too hard. Set your hair dryer on a low to medium setting for heat and temperature. Now blow dry your hair until it remains 80% damp.
  2. Secure your hair with a clip: Use a comb or your fingers to separate your hair into three different sections from top to bottom. Now take the uppermost section and clip it into place.
  3. Start working from the bottom section: Using the brush, start blow drying the hair at the bottom by using high heat.
  4. Point the hair dryer’s nozzle down: If you’re worried about how to blow dry your hair, point the nozzle of the dryer downwards to get a sleek and glassy look on your hair.
  5. Pull your hair tightly when drying: Pulling your hair tightly upwards to add lift and volume to the lower sections of your hair can give you a wonderful blow dry.
  6. Work your way to the tips: Start blow drying a few inches from the scalp and towards the hair ends. Hold your hair taut by brushing throughout and then roll the hair strands out as you work your way to the end. This trick adds more volume to your hair.

Step 2: Drying the Top Layers

  1. Remove the clip from crown: Once you’ve dried and styled the bottom layers and are wondering how to blow dry your hair from the top, remove the clip you placed in the topmost layer. Use the clip to hold your bottom layers while you work on the crown.
  2. Repeat: Pull the hair in the topmost section taut and blow dry it while pointing the nozzle down.
  3. For volume, aim at roots: For more lift in your hair, focus heat at roots. Dry the hair from the top to the ends and pull the hair tightly with the brush.

Step 3: Final Touches

To give your hair the final touches, just unclip the bottom layer of your hair and flip hair back. Now aim your dryer at the front while you brush through and style your hair as you like. Lastly, run styling cream through the strands of your hair to give it a perfect finish. With this method, you’ll never have to wonder how to blow dry your hair again.

Curly Hair

  • Tools Needed:
  1. A hairdryer: If you want to know how to blow dry your hair, firstly get the right hair dryer for your hair type. Curly hair does best with 1400W hairdryers. For thicker curly hair, you can easily go up to 2000W without any problems.
  1. A diffuser: To shape and define beautiful curls in your hair, use a diffuser. If you’re wondering how to blow dry your hair to promote its natural shape, then use a diffuser that slightly caves in.
  • Products Needed:
  1. Hair conditioner:
    Using a conditioner before blow drying your hair helps lock in moisture. For those who worry about how to blow dry your hair without drying it out, can relax because a good natural moisturizer replenishes the essential oils.
  2. Hair gel:
    Gel holds curls in place and helps maintain its shape. Once your leave-in conditioner has set in, apply the hair gel and run it through your hair to make the finished look last well.
  3. Finisher:
    Once you’re done with the blow dry, you can amp up the look by applying a lightweight natural serum that gives some extra hold as well as hydration to your beautiful curls.

Step 1: Apply the Leave-In and Hair Gel

Once you have shampooed your hair, and want to know how to blow dry your hair, just use a good conditioner of your choice. For wet hair, use a leave-in conditioner. Once the conditioner sets in after a few minutes, work the hair gel from roots to the ends of your hair. Make sure that you distribute it evenly.

Step 2: Use a Diffuser at the Roots

  1. Work with low to medium heat: Wet hair can be severely damaged by high heat, so if you want to know how to blow dry your hair to prevent hair damage and breakage, just change the hair dryer settings to low or medium.
  2. Start using a diffuser at roots: Place diffuser close to the scalp and lift the hair at the roots to volumizer. Diffusers distribute heat slowly and draw out the moisture from your hair. For this step, there is no need to flip your hair upside down.
  3. Avoid using direct heat at ends: For properly drying your hair, avoid pointing the hair dryer nozzle at the end of your hair. Just move the diffuser on your hair in circles for maximum volume.

Step 3: Give a Smooth Finish

  1. Use some finisher: Once you’ve blow-dried your hair, take a pea-sized amount of serum or finisher and heat it up between your palms.
  2. Run it to the ends: Apply finisher to the hair from roots to ends and make sure that it’s evenly distributed. Use a sweeping motion to get rid of the gel’s stiffness.
  3. Massage and volumize: Massage your scalp at the roots and fluff it up to add more volume. Using this method on curly hair will never leave you wondering how to blow dry your hair at home.


If you’ve spent a long time wondering how to blow dry your hair, I hope that this guide helps you out. Whether a beginner at self-styling or a hairstylist that’s looking for tips and tricks, using the right tools and products can make all the difference in the world. For optimum results and the blow dry of your dreams, invest in a good hair dryer that meets the need of your hair, use a good shampoo and conditioner, sections your hair well, and use the right brush. Applying these tips in your daily hairstyling will let you get the salon-quality blowout you love.

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