Best Travel Hair Dryer in 2021 – 6 Top-Rated Options

For some of us, travelling is a passion; for others, it’s a lifestyle. But no matter where you are and what you’re doing, you want your hair to look the best it’s ever been. Beautiful, styled hair gives you the confidence to try new things out and be the most confident version of yourself. This is why one of the most important tools you’ll ever have in your hairstyling set is the best travel hair dryer you can find in the market.

Let’s admit it – travelling is not an easy job. Most of all, if you’re expected to look your best for work or important occasions, having the right hair dryer for your travels becomes a necessity. To make the quest of finding the best travel hair dryer easier for you, we have compiled a list of the hairdryers by different brands that are compact and portable. We looked for units that were compact and lightweight, performed well on most types of hair, and gave excellent results with every use. When travelling to a different country or continent, the dual voltage support feature in a hairdryer becomes essential. It relieves you of the worries that come with finding the power source type that suits the hairdryer you use.

Now, if you are ready to find the right hair dryer to take with you on travels, and get reviews on some hair dryers in the market, check out our list of the hairdryer available in the market. No appliance fits and suits every user, which is why you need to choose the hairdryer that is perfect for you.

6 Best Travel Hair Dryer Reviews

1. Remington Compact Ionic Travel Hair Dryer

The Remington Compact Ionic Travel Hair Dryer is the hair dryer manufactured by the company. Remington is known for its efficient and effective hair stylers, hairdryers, and other appliances. With a power of 1876W, the best travel hair dryer by Remington is the strongest hair drying appliance on this list. For hair that is thick, dense, and coarse, the best travel hair dryer will assist you in drying your hair thoroughly and styling it perfectly to meet your needs. The familiar ionic technology present in many other hairdryers is used in the Remington Compact Ionic Travel Hair Dryer. On heating up, the hairdryer releases negative ions that bind with the positive ions in hair to eliminate frizz and static, while ensuring that the hairstyle looks flawless. The buttons on the front of the handle make it easy to use and work with. Most hairdryers often place or position the buttons in a way that makes the process of hair drying and styling quite complicated.

To meet the needs of your hair type and texture, the best travel hair dryer comes with two-speed settings that can be changed as needed and three different heat settings. Having different settings at your disposal allows you to work with the best travel hair dryer and find the heat and speed settings that suit your hair, and will not damage it. Another great feature present in the best travel hair dryer is the option of drying your hair in an eco-friendly and energy-efficient way, which individuals passionate about the environment will definitely appreciate.

An interesting aspect of this dryer is that it does not have an attachment for the front nozzle. While the absence of this nozzle does not in any way affect the performance or results, it may take some time to get used to. There is no doubt that as a brand, Remington has lived up to its reputation for designing products that effectively style and nurture hair, no matter where you are.


  • Very quiet and lightweight which make the overall experience better 
  • Airflow is great and dry the hair faster
  • A removable filter keeps the debris out of the heating section


  • The handle of the dryer can’t be folded

2. Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

Are you looking to travel around the world with a statement hair dryer that can make you stand out? When looking for the best travel hair dryer, there is no need to compromise on the style of the dryer. The first thing you will notice about the best travel hair dryer, Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer, is its unique design. Probably the sleekest and best travel hair dryer on the list, Conair has combined aesthetics well with the performance of this appliance.

A common approach towards designing a hairdryer is the use of ceramic and tourmaline materials. The most common products to be used to make hair styling and hair drying appliances, ceramic and tourmaline are popular for a reason. Ceramic, on one hand, distributes heat evenly through your hair to help in the elimination of frizz and static, while minimizing hair damage while styling or drying it. The second material used in the best travel hair dryer is a tourmaline that allows the appliance to achieve high heat quicker due to the effective conduction of heat.

When you hold the best travel hair dryer, Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer, you realize that one of the best features of this dryer is its low weight. While styling your hair, you no longer have to worry about tiring your arms and hurting yourself. Adjustment settings on the best travel hair dryer are quite standard. There is a high and low-speed setting that can be coupled with a hot or cool mode. These settings allow you to dry your hair thoroughly and style it perfectly at the same time.

Perfect for fine and medium hair, this hair dryer may be difficult to work with when you have thick and coarse hair. The 1200W of power the best travel hair dryer comes with is low but quite loud. During travels, however, the Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer is perfect as it has a foldable handle and can fit easily into any suitcase or bag that you use during your travels.


  • Eliminate the static and fuzziness of hair. 
  • The dryer heats up quickly 
  • Very lightweight is the travel-friendly feature 
  • A foldable handle makes the dryer compact. 


  • Quite loud as compared to other dryers

3. Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer

Conair did not just end its journey and effort to make the travel hair dryer with one dryer on the list. Another hair dryer that can be considered the best travel hair dryer is the Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer. This hair dryer compensates for the lacking in the previous travel hairdryer. If you have coarse and thick hair and would like a hair drying appliance that you can carry with you anywhere, the Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer is a perfect choice. This hairdryer is different than the previous dryer in our list of the best travel hair dryer for two main reasons. Firstly, this best travel hairdryer is much more powerful than the previous one. Featuring 1600W of power, the Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer gives you the perfect blow-dry no matter what type of hair you have. Secondly, the upper part of this best travel hairdryer is much narrower, which creates an unusual design but allows you to get close to the roots for perfectly dry and styled hair.

If you’re looking for the top hair dryer that gives you complete ease to take around with you, the Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer fits easily into luggage and bags of all sizes. The narrower upper part of the hairdryer, however, will take some working to get used to. If used carelessly, it can release a lot of heat onto the hair and even burn your hair.

The dual voltage of the best travel hair dryer makes it easy for you to plug it into any power socket anywhere in the world. A five-foot-long power cord allows you to manoeuvre and move the hairdryer at different angles to reach all sides of your hair and to plug into the most weirdly positioned power outlets. There are some customization options for users to try on different types of hair. Just like the other best travel hair dryer by Conair, this one also has the standard options of two heat and two-speed settings to choose from. The one difference between the two is that the buttons for the appliance are at the back of the handle.


  • The handle is foldable to adjust anywhere while traveling 
  • Lightweight makes it easy to use for longer use 
  • Powerful enough to dry the hair quicker 


  • The dryer makes a loud noise that irritates the buyer

4. Wazor Pro Professional Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

Most hair dryers make an extremely loud noise when used. While this may not be a problem anywhere else, but during travels, it is often inconvenient for us and others on the trip. The Wazor Pro Professional Dual Voltage Hair Dryer by MHU is the best travel hair dryer as it stays quiet even at the highest settings. A professional hairdryer that offers a salon-worthy blow dry on the go, the Wazor Pro has a maximum of 1875W of power. The high heat and speed setting provided by the motor is perfect to be used on all hair types and textures. If you have thick, coarse hair that requires high heat and speed settings for styling and hair drying, you can use the highest settings on the best travel hair dryer to suit your hairstyle. If you have medium or fine hair, you can always go for the lower settings. The cool shot feature in the best travel hair dryer allows you to give a final touch to your hair and make it appear perfectly styled and frizz-free at all times.

MHU has used ceramic and tourmaline combination in its best travel hairdryer. The mixture prevents over-drying of your hair and allows you to keep it sleek and styled. Additionally, the Wazor Pro’s ionic technology minimizes frizz and flyaway hair, making it the best travel hair dryer.

Lightweight and compact, the best travel hair dryer by MHU are highly suitable for packing and travel. To pack the hairdryer in your luggage or bag, fold the handle and pack it in to take the minimum amount of space. The best travel hair dryer comes with a nozzle attachment to make the hair drying process easier for you. To prevent the nozzle attachment from falling off, pack it separately when travelling and keep it safe after you have completed using the dryer. the best travel hair dryer also comes with dual voltage support that makes it easy to use anywhere in the world.


  • Foldable handle and compatible for travel
  • Quiet even at highest speed
  • The concentration of nozzle makes the hair drying process easy 


  • Sometimes, the nozzle does not fit properly and comes off.

5. Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer

When it comes to electronics and appliances, Panasonic is a company that delivers what it promises. The Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer is another one of its many creations that blow the user away. The company uses Nanotechnology in all the different hair styling products it creates, including hairdryers, flat irons, and others. A similar approach was taken with the best travel hair dryer created by Panasonic and the implementation of Nanotechnology was a smart move. Nanotechnology identifies the air moisture around it and infuses moisture into your hair. This step benefits your hair by reducing the damage heat-based hair drying causes and improving the overall look and health of your hair.

Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer is quite an effective unit with its 1400W of power.  Although many units have a more powerful motor than that of Panasonic Compact hairdryer, it will be enough for you as long as you are not looking for a quick blow-dry. Quite often, people with the fine hair type look for hairdryers that have lower heat and power settings to make sure that their hair is not damaged by excessive heat. Even when you need a quicker hair dry, using the highest airflow setting will perfectly blow dry your hair into the desired style. For finer or more damaged hair, we recommend that you use the cool and medium airflow.

The best travel hair dryer by Panasonic can make your hair look better and appear luscious and well-styled throughout your travels. To make the unit easy for packing and transport, Panasonic has made the handle foldable. It is also ergonomically designed to give you a better grip and allow quick, easy, and efficient drying of hair. Undoubtedly, Panasonic has used the best designs and technology to design a perfectly convenient and useful hair drying solution.

Wherever you plan to travel to, this hair dryer by Panasonic will keep your hair dry and perfectly styled for all adventures on your travelling journey.


  • Nanoe-technology make sure to give a smoother and sleeker look to the hair
  • Easy to hang on the wall
  • Travel-friendly due to foldable handle


  • A big body makes it difficult to travel with

6. Revlon 1875W Compact & Lightweight IONIC Hair Dryer

The last hair dryer on our list for the best travel hair dryer is the Revlon 1875W Compact & Lightweight IONIC Hair Dryer. The best travel hair dryer by Revlon comes with three different colour options to suit the aesthetics and choice of the user. The first option is all-black with grey buttons, that give a sophisticated, professional look. The second colour option for the best travel hair dryer is the pick coloured dryer with grey buttons that gives off a confident and experimentative vibe. Lastly, the best travel hair dryer comes in a yellow colour option, paired with grey buttons that may be a perfect hair drying tool for someone who believes in experimentation and embracing yourself.

Revlon is a well-known company that has worked with hair styling, hair colouring, and hair drying products and appliances for a long time. The brand has used ionic technology in their best travel hair dryer to ensure that the negative ions released on heating of the appliance, allow the elimination of frizz and static to give the perfect blow-dried look. The ionic technology in the best travel hair dryer is a perfect recipe for the promotion of hair shine. It also makes your hair stay blow-dried for a longer time and styled in the way you want.

While light and compact, the size of the best travel hair dryer is not something that predicts its power. Users will have 1875W of power at their disposal with the best travel hair dryer. The heat works perfectly on all hair types from coarse to medium to thin. If you are worried about the high heat or power and have coloured, damaged, or fine hair, turn down the heat settings. Alternatively, you can also style your hair perfectly in the way you want by switching between high and low-speed settings.

The best travel hair dryer by Revlon, Revlon 1875W Compact & Lightweight IONIC Hair Dryer, has a comfortable handle. The handle also features bumpers to allow users to hold onto it tight and to prevent the handle from slipping through the fingers. Additionally, the manufacturer also provides a handing ring to make storage easier while travelling. Although the dual voltage feature is one of the main things that makes any hair appliance convenient and travel-friendly, the best travel hair dryer is not dual voltage. This is not a problem, however, because the dryer can still be used with the help of an extension.


  • The bumper on the handle allows the user to hold tightly 
  • Less weight makes it very handy and comfortable 
  • Elegant colors give classic look to the dryer


  • The short cord does not allow users from the distance of the switchboard. 
  • Can’t remove the filter to clean the heat section from debris

How to Choose Hair Dryer for Travel?

If travelling all the time has finally made you decide you buy and use the hair dryer, you have come to the right place. However, buying a travel hair dryer is no easy task. You need to be aware of the features that make a hair appliance the best travel hair dryer. Frequent travel makes it harder to go through different options and arrive at one that suits you. This is why we have created a buying guide that gives you the main things you need to consider when buying the best travel hair dryer.

The purchasing process that goes into finding the best travel hair dryer can be complex. Look at the buying guide below that we have put together for your ease. It will not only help you learn and understand the specifics you should be looking for when buying the best travel hair dryer but also helps you pick and choose a suitable device for your hair.

While your primary concerns during the purchase process should be the travel-friendly features of the hairdryer, there are many other factors that affect the performance of the best travel hair dryer and need to be considered.

How much does the Dryer weigh?

The first thing that you need to be looking for in the best travel hair dryer is its weight. It is really important for a travel-friendly dryer to be lightweight and portable. By assessing the weight of your appliance, you will know if it’s the right one for you to be taking along on all your travel adventures. Usually, the weight of a blow dryer is around one pound. This is light and is acceptable for use as well as transport. Any hairdryer that is heavier than one pound may be too much to carry or hard to fit into your luggage. Significantly heavier hairdryers are harder to carry around and will also be inconvenient for long-term use as they can cause your hands and arms to hurt if used for a long time. Another thing that you need to consider is the total weight of the package that the hair dryer comes in. Quite often, hairdryers have a large variety of attachments that are supposed to help you out with the blow dry and provide you options for styling your hair. The overall weight of the package in such cases becomes a lot more than what you can comfortably carry around. If you feel like the attachments are significantly increasing the weight of the box, you can try to narrow down the number of attachments you will be taking along with you to make the most use out of the best travel hair dryer.

Size and Foldability

When we started talking about the weight of the best travel hair dryer, you probably guessed it. Yes! The size of the hairdryer that you plan to take with you is also a great factor that you need to assess. Hairdryer portability is highly affected by the size of the unit that you are carrying. If possible, when looking for the best travel hair dryer, try going for one of the smaller options that you can find. This is especially true if you have fine hair that does not require a lot of heat to get dry and styled. However, women or men with coarse and thick hair may struggle with the styling of their hair if they go for the best travel hair dryer that is of a compact size. A lot of manufacturers have found the perfect way to balance the size and performance of their hair appliances. By implementing the foldability feature into their hairdryers, the manufacturers have eliminated most of the problems that come with a large sized best travel hair dryer. The foldability feature in your hairdryer makes it easy for you to fold the handle of the appliance and save some space to fit it into your luggage. Not only is this feature travel-friendly, but it also makes it easier for you to store the appliance at home when you’re not using it.

The Length of the Cord

An unusual thing to consider when buying the best travel hair dryer, the cord length does actually affect the portability of your hair appliance. Mostly, the cord of the hairdryer is connected permanently to its body and cannot be detached for ease. Longer cables can only be wrapped up around the best travel hair dryer and make the item bulkier, reducing its portability and making it harder to fit into the luggage. Shorter cord lengths, on the other hand, do not take up much space but do affect the use of the hairdryer. Quite often, when you are on travels outside of the comfort of your home, you do not find the right power outlets and may even see some that are placed in the most unusual places. Hairdryers with shorter cords cannot reach the place where the power socket is and therefore, the process of manoeuvring the appliance and styling or drying your hair can become quite uncomfortable. Tight cords on the best travel hair dryer can be a safety hazard as you are unaware of what type of room you’ll be staying in and how far the power outlet will be. The wisest step to take in such a case is to look for the best travel hair dryer that has a standard cord length, around that of six-foot length. In this way, the cable will be long enough to manoeuvre and reach an oddly placed power socket and easy enough to pack and take with you anywhere in the world. Also, make sure that your appliance has a dual voltage feature that can make it easy for you to use any power outlet without fuss and worries.

Bringing in the Heat!

The best travel hair dryer is used to dry and style your hair to perfection. As it involves the process of styling hair, the optimal heat level for your hair type needs to be used. Hence, when choosing the best travel hair dryer, make sure that it has heat options that will not damage your hair type in the long run. For fine, sensitive, coloured, or damaged hair, lower and moderate heat settings on any hairdryer will be suitable. However, thick, string, coarse, and black hair often needs as much heat as possible to achieve the desired results. The technical aspect you need to understand in such a case is that the temperature your hairdryer can achieve is dependent and related to the strength of the appliance’s heater. Generally, the heater power can vary between 1000W to 2000W and even go higher. A vast majority of hair-drying units give off power between 1300W to 1875W and fit most of the types and textures of different hair. People that have harder to tame hair that takes a lot of heat to style should choose heaters with the higher power. On the other hand, if you have fine and sensitive hair, try looking for the best travel hair dryer with adjustable settings for temperature and speed. The adjustable power gives you the choice between multiple heat levels and helps you find the right temperature for your hair. Do not excessive heat unnecessarily as it can greatly damage your hair strands.

Hair Dryer Attachments

The hairdryers you buy can often come with many attachments, which is why you need to consider them in addition to the main features of the appliance. The most common attachments are:

  • Concentrator Nozzle: The most frequently used attachment in the best travel hair dryer, the concentrator nozzle directs airflow and improves the styling efforts.
  • Picks: Picks are the attachments that are excellent for more volume. However, it is important that you choose and use a pick that is proportional to the length of your hair.
  • Diffusers: The last and very common hairdryer attachments, diffusers are great for curls and waves. They disperse the airflow of the dryer and cover a greater surface. This helps in the elimination and reduction of hair frizz and static.

Picking and choosing your favourite attachments for your hair is entirely up to you, but we strongly advise you to use at least one of them. If you do not use an attachment with the best travel hair dryer, the lip section of your appliance will get in touch with your hands and your hair. Since the lip creates an excessive amount of heat, it can lead to burns and unfortunate experiences. Hair drying attachments are preferred to be used because they act as a protective layer between the hot appliance and your hair to prevent any mishaps.

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