Quietest Hair Dryers To Make 2021 Better: 6 Best Products

As a mom of two, I know the struggle of keeping the peace when it comes to blow-drying your hair. Late nights or early mornings are the only actual times I get to wash my hair through and prepare for the next day. The children sleep right across the hall and are light sleepers. Effective drying and styling of hair are almost impossible without a proper hairdryer. However, most of the high power and efficient hair dryers can be inconveniently loud. Hence, the only solution I, and many others like me, can come up with is to find the best quietest hair dryers in the market.

Whether you have a joint living arrangement or your partner has a different work routine than you do, finding the quietest hair dryers is the only option to keep the peace. I’ll admit, it’s not the easiest task. Not all hair dryers come with the option of giving a perfect blow-dry at the lowest decibel sounds. Just like everything, there are specific tricks to finding the quietest hair dryers that are high-performing. After searching high and low in the market, I have singled out some hair drying appliances that make absolutely no sound. Some of them are quite popular in the market nowadays. Feeling overwhelmed about choosing the right one? I’ve got you covered. The reviews will give you honest feedback about the quietest hair dryers to help you pick the most suitable tool for use.

6 Most Quietest Hair Dryers in the Market

1. MHU Professional Low Noise Ionic Ceramic Ac Infrared Heat Hair Dryer

MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875w Low Noise Ionic Ceramic Ac Infrared Heat Hair Dryer Plus One Concentrator and One Diffuser Black Color
  • ★1875-watt AC Motor - reduces drying time up , as it ensures lower noise than others and vibration.
  • ★2 Speeds, 3 Heat Settings - for controlled airflow and heat, ensuring amazing results for all hair types and textures.
  • ★Far-Infrared Heat and Negative Ion Technology - to dry hair faster while eliminating frizz for a perfect smooth style and reducing the risk of damage.
  • ★Airflow Concentrator and Diffuser - For styling and touch-ups, we've included two smart attachments that help you accelerate drying, add volume and minimize frizz.

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Finding the quietest hair dryers in the market can be hard, especially if you have thicker, coarser hair that requires a lot of heat to be styled and tamed. Quite often, you are left to choose between the options of heating and speed present on the unit than the quieter disposition of the whole process. The MHU Professional Low Noise Ionic Ceramic Ac Infrared Heat Hair Dryer is perfect for hair drying. However, it is not the quietest unit among the quietest hair dryers in the market. In fact, when using the highest three heating and two-speed settings on this dryer, the sound of the unit can be heard prominently. However, we are including this iron in the list to make sure that individuals with thicker hair and lesser time to work on the hair have a quieter option.  The noise produced by this hairdryer is not of a high-pitch. Therefore, unlike other similar products in the market, this hairdryer’s sound is not so bothersome. You can quite easily work with this product and still not disturb anyone that much.

One of the quietest hair dryers in the market, the MHU has some unique features that make it stand out from others. By combining negative ion technology and the far-infrared heat feature, this hairdryer eliminates any frizz in the hair and helps you achieve a smooth, luscious look for your hair. Thanks to the flawless design, the drying process for hair becomes all that easier and quicker. Any damage to the hair due to high heat is highly minimized and you can achieve the desired look and experience with the help of this unit. The MHU Professional Low Noise Ionic Ceramic Ac Infrared Heat Hair Dryer has a power of 1875W, ensuring optimal strength and work. No matter what your hair type is, this is one of the few quietest hair dryers that give you a great amount of freedom for styling your hair. The manufacturer has also included two different attachments in the package. These are the diffuser and the airflow concentrator that can be used if needed. The professional hook that comes with the appliance can be used for simple storage of the appliance anywhere. Its comfortable handle allows you to work for longer times with the hairdryer. Another feature that guarantees ease of use for this tool is the nine-foot-long cord that gives you a large amount of room for manoeuvring.


  • 2 speed and 3 heat settings make the dryer efficient to use
  • Small in size which makes it handy and comfortable to use
  • Salon grade dryer eliminates all frizz of hair
  • Very little noise while the use


  • A bit heavy for longer use

2. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer
  • Dries hair from the inside out
  • Ceramic and tourmaline infused
  • Helps fight frizz and static
  • 2000 watt motor with ion generator

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Need a versatile hair dryer that is present on the list of the quietest hair dryers but does not compromise on high heat? The RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer may just be the right choice for you. Choosing this dryer gives you complete creative control over your hair and allows you to achieve the look and feel of hair that you want. Although not the quietest one in the list, the hairdryer definitely has a lower sound than other similar hairdryers and can get the task done.

Alternatively, if you do not want the hairdryer to be as loud as it can go, you can always slow the speed and process of hair drying. It will allow you to enjoy a quiet operation but may take longer times for styling thicker and coarser hair. The quietest hair dryers are only made better by the heating options they give their users. The RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer allows you to pick between three different heat settings, two-speed settings, and even use a cold shot button to take the look to another level. With this one of the quietest hairdryers in your set, there is no style that is hard to achieve.

As the controls that allow you to work between the different settings are at the front of the handle, it can take some time to get used to the placement. Additionally, the buttons are not as durable and well-made as the rest of the unit’s body. This is why you need to be careful when pressing or using the buttons to change settings. However, the product is overall quite durable. The minor flaw of button positioning and quality is not a great deal because the ionic generator and infusion of ceramic tourmaline make this one of the quietest hair dryers, one of the best hair drying products in the market.


  • Very light in weight to make buying experience efficient 
  • Far infrared rays technology makes the drying process faster 


  • Sometimes, airflow becomes too hot to handle

3. Centrix Q-Zone Dryer

The Centrix Q-Zone Dryer is definitely one of the quietest hair dryers you’ll find in the market. So much so, that it seems the manufacturer of the appliance has sacrificed some of its power for a quieter user experience when blow-drying hair. One of the major priorities of Centrix Q-Zone was to design this particular dryer to deliver on its promise of a quiet unit. Keeping the low noise a major priority, the brand will surely meet your expectations and let you work on your hair in peace, without the fear of waking anyone up in the morning or the night.

A great product choice for the odd hours when you need the quietest hair dryers, the Centrix Q-Zone is one of my favourites. For people with fine hair, this is a decently powered hairdryer, with 1500W of power to get the moisture out of your hair. You also have the option of choosing between two different heat and speed settings.

If you are after the perfectly styled hair that lasts longer and has no frizz, you can freely use the cool shot button on this hair dryer. It is located on the handle’s barrel grip and can be activated to make the most out of your hair drying experience.

Tourmaline technology utilized by the Centrix Q-Zone hair dryer will work to minimize the hair damage due to heat. Additionally, it promotes the locking in of moisture into the hair strands and a healthy shine. Although ergonomically designed, the handle will feel a bit heavier to you. This can prevent you from using and working with the hairdryer for longer times at salons and professional settings. However, if you plan to use this one of the quietest hair dryers on yourself at home to dry and style your hair, this will not be much of an issue.

4. Chic Republic Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

Professional Ionic Hair Dryer - Powerful Ceramic Blow Dryer - Quiet & Fast Hairdryer - Small, Lightweight Compact for Travel - 1875W
  • BEST IONIC CERAMIC HAIR DRYER: CHIC REPUBLIC creates the ultimate hair dryer by using ionic and ceramic technology that protects your hair from damage while drying it super fast. Great for daily use by women and men.
  • CREATED FOR ULTRA SHINE WITHOUT FIRZZ: Designed to ensure your hair looks great even after drying, Chic Republic’s turbo hair dryer delivers a super fast dry, either hot or cool, to ensure hair stays smooth and naturally shiny. Let the dryer’s heat indicator light show you when cool air is ready!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN FOR TRAVEL: Built to go with you, this best rated hairdryer is compact so that it’s easy to pack whether you are jet-setting on vacation, traveling for work, or preparing an overnight bag.
  • TWO DIFFUSER NOZZLES TO CHOOSE FROM: Not all hair is created equal. And not all styles need the same tools. Chic Republic knows this, which is why they’ve included to different nozzles to help you achieve hair perfection.

We earn a small commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

If you have seen this hairdryer advertised around, you must have noticed that the brand, Chic Republic markets one of its quietest hair dryers as compact and lightweight. However, if you have actually seen the dryer, you’d know that the size of the Chic Republic Professional Ionic Hair Dryer is closer to that of standard units. While it is interesting, it is not such a big deal because the hairdryer gives you high power (1875W) and an amazing amount of versatility when it comes to drying and styling your hair.

Multiple heats and speed settings on one of the quietest hair dryers give you more options to work. Whatever hair texture and type you have, you can find the right setting to dry your hair perfectly and without any damage. If you are running late and need to dry your hair quickly, the Chic Republic Professional Ionic Hair Dryer has an indicator light you can use. At the end of your hair drying journey, you can always go for the cool shot button to give your hair some final touches and achieve a luscious, elegant blowdry.

When working with this hairdryer, it can be difficult to control the unit with hands. The balance of the unit shifts a little towards the back, which makes it hard to work. Additionally, the cord of the dryer is a bit heavier, which often causes you to tire out more quickly. Hence, if you’re looking for a hairdryer for longer use, this hairdryer may not be the one for you. However, if all you need is a quieter hairdryer that you can use at odd hours, the Chic Republic Professional Ionic Hair Dryer is one of the quietest hair dryers in the market.

The two diffusers that are included in a package give you plenty of options to style your hair and achieve the look you want. With this dryer among the other quietest hair dryers in the list, you do not need to worry about safety because it comes with overheating protection that works fine.


  • The small size makes it compatible with travel
  • Comes with two Diffuser nozzles 
  • Very light in weight 
  • Super quiet during usage
  • 3 heat settings allow the user to set the heat capacity according to hair type 


  • Airflow has less power ability

5. Turbo Power Twinturbo 2800 Coldmatic Hair Dryer 314

Made in Italy, this is another one of the quietest hair dryers in the hair drying and hairstyling market. Chosen and used by professionals and amateurs alike, the Turbo Power Twinturbo 2800 Coldmatic Hair Dryer 314 is unique in its make. As it is known for combining 1700W in power with relatively low noise, the hairdryer will be a worthy addition to your appliance set. Another thing that supports the cause of this quiet hair drying appliance is that it achieves an optimal balance and does not produce any vibrations. Using a hairdryer that vibrates can be extremely uncomfortable, and the Turbo Power ensures your comfort.

If you’re worried about the heat and speed being incompatible with your hair type, there is no need to fret. Apart from being one of the quietest hair dryers in the market, this appliance gives you the choice of four different heat settings to style your hair and two different settings for speed. If that was not enough, a cool shot will help you with any final touches you need to achieve the luscious, beautiful hairstyle you want.

With an expected life of almost 2,000 hours, the Turbo Power Twinturbo 2800 Coldmatic Hair Dryer 314 is highly durable. Hence, you no longer have to worry about the hairdryer losing its efficiency and effectiveness. One of the drawbacks in the design of this hairdryer is the unprotected fan that can be found at the end of the dryer. Although it does not affect the aesthetic look of the unit, it can be dangerous when styling your hair. You need to be careful while using the unit to dry your hair because your hair can end up being stuck in the fan. Not only will this be an unpleasant experience, but it will also result in tangles and burns. Fortunately, it does not take long to practice with and use the hairdryer in a way that prevents this from happening. Once you get used to it, you can make the most of its benefits just like the other quietest hair dryers.

6.  T3 Micro Cura Luxe Digital Ionic Professional Blow Hair Dryer

T3 Cura LUXE Hair Dryer | Digital Ionic Professional Blow Dryer | Frizz Smoothing | Fast Drying Wide Air Flow | Volume Booster | Auto Pause Sensor | Multiple Speed and Heat Settings | Cool Shot
  • T3 Digital IonAir Technology: Digitally-controlled heat that dries hair quickly while maintaining body and shine
  • 5 Heat & 2 Speeds Settings: Offer styling customization for all hair types and textures
  • Volume Booster Switch: Boosts texture and volume.*
  • Auto Pause Sensor: Intuitively pauses airflow when you release the dryer handle during styling

We earn a small commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

When on the search for the quietest hair dryers, the first option that I arrived at is actually an award-winning hairdryer. That’s right! The T3 Micro Cura Luxe Digital Ionic Professional Blow Hair Dryer is a quick-drying and frizz-free hairdryer that will definitely stand out from other similar products in the market. For a start, this hairdryer looks different from other hairdryers and is ergonomically designed. The thin handle provides ease of support and ease of hold to the user. If you have thick hair that requires a lot of power to dry up, the T3 Micro Cura puts the power at your disposal with its 1875W motor.

No matter what the texture and type of your hair, one of the quietest hair dryers in the market will help you achieve your desired style and look. You can tame your hair with its two different speed adjustments, and five heat adjustments. If you have fine, thin, or damaged hair, it would be better for you to start from the lower heat settings and gradually work towards the higher heat settings to find something that suits you. The cool shot button in the appliance allows you to give a final, styling touch to your hair. One of the best aspects of this hairdryer, which I am sure you will appreciate, is that it manages to stay relatively quiet even when at the highest power setting.

While this product has several features that make it stand out from the rest, it also comes with an automatic shut off feature for your safety and peace of mind. An automatic pause button on the handle of one of the quietest hair dryers detects where your hand is positioned. Therefore, as soon as you remove your hand, the hairdryer automatically turns off to prevent any mishaps and accidents. Although a wonderful safety feature, this does take a bit of time to get used to, because you will have to learn to properly position your hand on the handle.


  • Automatic shutdown after 50 minutes of non-use provides peace of mind 
  • Special technology makes the hair frizz-free 
  • High power ability allows the dryer to work faster 


  • Make sure to handle it at the right spot otherwise the shutdown sensor may turn it off.

Choosing the Right Quiet Hair Dryer?

When in the market looking for the quietest hair dryers, you need to have the right tips and tricks up your sleeves to find the right one for you. While the general features that define a good hairdryer are not to be ignored, there is a lot more you should consider learning about how to recognize which the quietest hair dryers are. With this buying guide for the quietest hair dryers, we plan to teach you all you need to know for the purchasing process. It includes the factors that you need to keep in mind and be informed about when buying the quietest hair dryers and keeping the hair drying process quieter.

Different Noise Levels of Hair Dryers:

The noise level of different appliances and products is the amount of sound they create when measured in decibels. The noise levels of different hairdryers can be generally divided into five main categories:

  1. Faint: The faint sounds are equal to sounds that can be heard in a quiet library, with a decibel rating of around 30dB. While there are not a lot of the quietest hair dryers that come with a faint sound level, the ones that do are definitely quiet and can be used at any time, anywhere.
  2. Moderate: Moderate sound levels vary from about 40dB to 60dB. While it may not look like it, the difference can actually be quite big. On average, a standard rainfall has almost 50dB of sound level, while a normal conversation between people is carried on at around 60dB. Among other appliances, dishwashers and clothes dryers come in this sound range. If it’s late at night, the sound can be a bit higher. However, if the people you do not want to disturb are sleeping in another room, the quietest hair dryers in this sound level work fine.
  3. Very loud: As you might have guessed, very loud sounds are just that – very loud. Varying from 70 to 90 dB, the best examples of very loud sounds are heavy traffic or different appliances like a vacuum cleaner, blender, and food processor. Being as loud as they are, this sound level is not one that you would look for in the quietest hair dryers.
  4. Extremely loud: Power tools such as chainsaws, lawnmowers, and drills create extremely loud sounds. A more common example of an extremely loud sound is a motorbike passing close by at maximum speed. Decibel ratings for such sounds are around 90 to 110dB.
  5. Painful: The last category of sound levels goes above the 110 dB level. This noise level is emitted by firearms, jet engines, and fireworks, etc.

The Average Sound Level of a Hairdryer:

On average, the usual decibel rating of hairdryers is around 80 to 90dB. As per the classification, this noise level puts them in the category of appliances that are very loud. What that means is the hairdryer you currently use, probably produces the same amount of noise as of heavy traffic. No wonder people get disturbed by the noise. Fortunately, however, manufacturers are now working hard to produce their own versions of the quietest hair dryers by reducing the decibel rating of sounds they produce. Hence, now you can easily find quietest hair dryers that create a decibel rating of 70dB and less. While choosing the quietest hair dryers for your business or yourselves, look for the lowest decibel rating you can find on the dryers. When doing that, remember that the device should meet other expectations in terms of its performance when styling and drying your hair.

AC or DC Motor?

If you have never looked into motors of the quietest hair dryers and their specifications, this is one thing you probably never thought about. Although a technical aspect, the motor used by the quietest hair dryers says a lot about their performance and sound production. Two types of motors can be used in a hairdryer – ones with DC (direct current) and the ones with AC (alternative current). Without going into much detail about what AC and DC are, we want you to know that the power delivered by DC motors is quite generous and works on the coarsest of hair. However, AC motors are quieter than DC motors and, hence, appeal to manufacturers with their ability to manage noise. One major trade-off of this is that the AC motors are generally heavier than DC motors. Consequently, the weight of the hairdryer can be quite high and make it harder to work with. As a professional that works with the hairdryers for a long time during the day, you may need one of the quietest hair dryers but will probably appreciate an appliance that is lighter in weight and easier to hold.

Features and Specifications of Quiet Hair Dryers

The last section pretty much summed up all you need to look for in the quietest hair dryers to make sure that the noise level is appropriate for you. However, just like we’ve mentioned before, there is a lot more to hair drying appliances that sound levels. You need to be able to consider all other features to make sure that the dryer will actually perform in the way you want it to. Here is a small list of all the things you need to consider when picking one of the quietest hair dryers in the market.


Some of the most crucial materials used in the quietest hair dryers are the ones inside it. One of the most affordable materials that will guarantee a consistent performance is ceramic. Appliances made of ceramic can maintain heat quite well, minimize the damage caused to hair by providing an even heat distribution and promoting volume and shine in the hair strands.

Excellent addition to ceramic is the material, tourmaline that minimizes the overheating of quietest hair dryers and other appliances. It also reduces the risk of hair damage and minimizes frizz in your hair. Negative ions produced by the tourmaline material interact and work with the positive ions in your follicles to tame and style your hair perfectly by reducing frizzing issues.


The type of motor that a hairdryer can have has already been discussed. However, no matter which type of motor is used on the quietest hair dryers, what matters the most is the power of the used motor. Generally, the motor power in a hairdryer varies. However, rarely will you find any hair drying units that have motor power less than 1000W. Most hair drying units also do not have a motor power that is over 2000W. The amount of power you need the motor to give depends on your hair type and texture. Strong, dense, and tough to style hair requires a blow dryer that can give off a high amount of power. It is because such hair requires more heat and a higher speed setting to get the styling results that are desired. On the other hand, if you have thin, fine, and sensitive hair,

Your choice will depend on your hair type. If you have strong and dense hair that is tough to style, you want a blow dryer with a generous amount of power. That way, it can produce enough heat and speed to ensure the desired styling results. If your hair is thin, fine, and sensitive to heat, high motor power can be damaging. It is perfectly fine to go for one of the quietest hair dryers that have low power settings. Generally, a power setting of 1000W-1500W will work for you. Quite often, motors that do not generate a lot of power, also do not generate a lot of sounds. While not a rule to stick by, this means that if you can work with a hairdryer that has a moderately strong motor, you will enjoy a more peaceful and quieter hair drying experience.

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